Foundation repairs

Problems of water infiltration?

Polyurethane Injection / Crack repair

Several factors can cause concrete to crack including freezing, swelling of the soil, excessive drainage or just poor quality concrete. Choosing a repair technique must be determined based on the causes of the cracking. The professionals at Scellant Millenium are trained to identify the actual causes of the problem and will offer the appropriate technique in addition to permanent repair.

Minor cracking generally appears under the windows, doors, when there’s a difference of level in the foundation and even at the base of the main beam. Commonly located in the center of the foundation, the crack will eventually lead into water, air and insect infiltration.

That’s why it’s imperative to repair as soon as possible. The products used during these restorations must be flexible enough (unlike epoxy resin) to avoid the emergence of new cracks in the near future. In these situations, we recommend high-pressure polyurethane resin injections, specifically designed for indoor concrete.

The hydrophilic resin subsequently reacts to the water and forms a flexible gel or expandable foam. This inert mixture becomes a sealed barrier against the infiltration of water and is practically unaltered by the acids, conventional gas or microorganisms found in the soil.